What is Ibexa DXP?

Ibexa DXP is a technology platform for creating and managing online experiences

Ibexa DXP is a technology platform that Ibexa builds. At the heart of the technology is a server side application framework that can be hosted either on premise, in the cloud or on the fully managed Ibexa Cloud PaaS.

Developers can develop using the Symfony / PHP stack in the backend, or use the system decoupled from the backend using the extensive GraphQL and REST APIs.

With the HTTP APIs Ibexa DXP can connect to other backend systems on the Cloud, mobile apps on on the front end using or web technologies like Angular, React or Vue.

Scale your content operations across multiple digital channels and complex brand architectures with a single solution.
Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)

Ibexa DXP is the foundation for three products: Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce. In addition we have an integrated PaaS offering in the form of Ibexa Cloud. Our core technology is available under the GPL in the form of Ibexa Open Source.

Ibexa Content

Ibexa Content is a multichannel and headless CMS (Content Management System) designed for marketing, e-commerce and self-service apps. It is designed for organizations who need to create content hubs and content services to use as a core component of their digital platform and services, and deliver content to any channel.

Ibexa Experience

Ibexa Experience is a modern modular Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to build outstanding customer experiences. It is designed for customer-centric companies and organizations who want to go beyond managing content and creating websites but want to create frictionless memorable experiences for their customers and partners.

Ibexa Commerce

Ibexa Commerce is a commerce-ready B2B DXP designed to digitalize your business from customer awareness to purchase and beyond. It is designed for companies who need to transform the way they sell and who want to conduct business online, including the digitalization and automation of the business transactions.

Ibexa Cloud

Ibexa Cloud is an end-to-end cloud hosting platform for your Ibexa DXP software for more efficient development-to-production processes. With streamlined back-end infrastructure and services, your dev team can work more efficiently and deliver faster at every stage. 

Ibexa Open Source

Ibexa Open Source is our core technology that Ibexa DXP is built on. It is built on other open source technologies like Symfony and React.js. The distribution is fully functional, but there is no commercial support from Ibexa. Functionality is also limited compared to Ibexa Content, Experience and Commerce.

Ibexa DXP features

Key features of Ibexa DXP products include Content Management, Website Management, Personalization, Digital Commerce and Developer tooling for application development.

Content Management

Creating memorable content for content marketing, product catalog, brand and editorial. Do so at scale, quickly and securely, delivering it in any way (including headless).

Website Management

Assembling and managing websites without development, quickly and securely, reusing content and features.


Adapting experiences and content to users depending on their behavior, the context and the channel in order to be relevant.

Digital Commerce

Blending content and commerce to provide an intuitive and streamlined buying experience.


Designing, developing and deploying new features with speed and agility. Integrating with other systems seamlessly.

Agile development and integrations with native GraphQL and REST APIs

Connect to external systems with APIs

Ibexa DXP products are often deployed in microservices architectures. In this model there are many specialized services for individual tasks. Examples could be integrating with enterprise services like getting user segmentation data from CRM or get prices from an ERP backend.

Nowadays with JAMStack platforms like Gatsby and a wealth of SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, there is a need for more ad-hoc integrations. For this Ibexa DXP comes with public REST and GraphQL APIs for the Content Engine, e-Commerce and Personalization.