Ibexa Content as a Headless CMS

An enterprise grade Headless CMS without an API quota

A feature complete Headless CMS

Ibexa Content built on the Ibexa DXP technology is a fully fledged Headless CMS. It is flexible and feature complete with a granular permission system, workflows, multitenant, extensive metadata (including a tree structure), rich media management, and much more.

Building on a robust heritage of an Enterprise Management System (ECM), the Ibexa DXP content modelling architecture has been battle tested in complex real world scenarios during more than two decades.

Semantic content storage

At the heart of our Content Engine is a semantic storage model. This means that everything is connected. We do not use web focused formats like HTML or Markdown for internal storage. Docbook is our medium of choice. It was designed for storing written content. As output formats we convert this to HTML or whatever you prefer.

The storage engine also enables efficient reuse of content. Since we use a semantic storage model, it is easy for us to store references to other content objects. You can embed other content into your rich text fields.

Our storage engine is supported by our search engine integration powered by Elasticsearch or Solr. It allows relevant (and tunable) full text search, but also sophisticated search features like aggregations.

Unparalleled extensibility and scalability

Ibexa Content is a part of the Ibexa DXP product family, which includes Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce. These extend the functionality of to handle experience management, personalization and complex B2B commerce scenarios. One size does not fit all, but we sell all sizes.

You can select a subscription and service level that suits your needs. If you want to start small, Ibexa Content can be embedded in a microservices architecture with a Jamstack frontend. But if an enterprise project with ERP integration is what you need it, Ibexa Commerce handle that. Get what you need. Mix and match.

For technical extensibility you can use the GraphQL and REST APIs for purely headless use cases. Ibexa. If you need more and extend the back office, for example, you can tap into our Symfony powered backend to customize it to your heart's content, unlike with a pure SaaS.

For hosting you can choose our fully managed Ibexa Cloud, or build a cloud architecture for your need on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Upcloud… or on premise. Ibexa DXP scales horizontally 

Oh, and we do not count API calls, but you can do it if you want.

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