Tech talk: An introduction to RedwoodJS for Symfony and Ibexa DXP developers

Frameworks make web development faster and more efficient. Our Ibexa DXP products are built using the Symfony framework, so naturally we spend a lot of time discussing that framework. But in addition to Symfony there are many other great alternatives out there. Today we'll take a quick look at one.

RedwoodJS is a full stack framework written in JavaScript. It offers everything from templating to routing and an integrated data storage layer in the form of Prisma ORM. Everything you expect to find in a platform to write complete production applications in. Unlike server-side frameworks RedwoodJS makes a clear definition between the front and backends, leveraging GraphQL for out of the box.

What makes RedwoodJS especially interesting is that you can integrate other APIs to its standard GraphQL API or even replace the default one completely and depend on a remote backend like Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience or Ibexa Commerce. Learn more about how RedwoodJS works and how it compares to the Symfony framework:

The code used in the video:

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