New features for Editors and Marketers in Ibexa DXP 4.6 beta 2

The second beta release of Ibexa DXP v4.6.0 is now available to the public with almost 300 bug fixes and improvements! Let’s take a look at some notable changes for Editors and Marketers persona.

Undo and redo actions in Page Builder  

This product release comes with support for undo and redo actions in Page Builder. You can now easily tweak and fine-tune your block configurations, knowing you can undo and redo any change in a snap. Accidentally deleting a block will no longer be a source of frustration.

Actions history is unlimited in a single edition session and tracks whether you're adding blocks, deleting them, changing configurations or repositioning. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported.

Search facets and results sorting

Facets, also called smart filters, are now available in the administration interface allowing you to narrow down search results quickly.


With our latest update we also give you back control over search results sorting. You can choose if you want order search results by relevance, name, publication or modification date and in which direction (ascending or descending). 

Custom Product URLs

With this update you can craft completely custom URLs for products, tailored to your marketing campaigns: whether it's a special promotion or a seasonal offer.


You also have the option to customize the pattern used to generate system product URLs. For example, you can embed key product attributes directly into the URL. 

Other UI/UX improvements

  • User drafts are now available directly in main menu under “Content > Drafts”  
  • Automatically open configuration panel when a block is drop into the zone in Page Builder 
  • Automatically update configuration panel title when block name is changed in Page Builder 
  • Added direct link to payment & shipping details in order details view 
  • Added address and customer-related data to shipment details view 
  • Changed sites list mode to grid by default 

More is coming!

We are planning to have at least one more beta release with many more UI/UX improvements. Stay tuned!  

Do you have a great idea for a feature that should be added to Ibexa DXP? Or just want to give us some feedback on a current feature? Head to our Product Roadmap page to submit your request. 

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