Ibexa DXP Aggregation API webinar recap

Ibexa DXP Aggregation API webinar recap

Ibexa DXP version 3.2 shipped with a new Application Programming Interface (API) for developers: the Aggregation API. This feature introduced in Ibexa DXP enables building advanced search filtering and repository discovery functionality powered by our integrated search functionality powered by Elasticsearch or Solr backends.

In December 2020 we held a webinar where Adam Wójs from the Ibexa Engineering team gave a deep-dive into how the Aggregation API works in practice and also demonstrating with some practical use cases of different capabilities:

  • Percentages of translations for languages
  • Product reviews page
  • Tag Cloud
  • Faceted search

We plan to make more detailed posts on these topics in the future, but for now the slides are on SlideShare and the code is on GitHub "Aggregation API in Ibexa DXP" developer webinar demo. You can view the full recording from YouTube below:


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