Security advisory: EZSA-2020-005

Editor XSS, and trashed drafts in review queue
Publication date:
10/09/2020, 15:00


Affected versions: ezsystems/PlatformUIAssetsBundle v4.2.*, ezsystems/ezplatform-admin-ui-assets v4.2.*, v5.0.*, v5.1.*, ezsystems/ezplatform-workflow v1.1.*, v2.1.*
Resolving versions: ezsystems/PlatformUIAssetsBundle v4.2.3, ezsystems/ezplatform-admin-ui-assets v4.2.1, v5.0.1, v5.1.1, ezsystems/ezplatform-workflow v1.1.9, v2.1.1

This Security Advisory is about two issues of low to medium severity. We recommend that you install the update as soon as possible.

There is an XSS vulnerability in CKEditor, which is used by AlloyEditor, which is used in eZ Platform Admin UI. Scripts can be injected through specially crafted "protected" comments. We are not sure it is exploitable in eZ Platform, but recommend installing it to be on the safe side. It is fixed in CKEditor v4.14, AlloyEditor v2.11.9. It is distributed via Composer, for:

eZ Platform v1.13.x: ezsystems/PlatformUIAssetsBundle v4.2.3 (included from ezsystems/PlatformUIBundle v1.13.x)

eZ Platform v2.5.13: ezsystems/ezplatform-admin-ui-assets v4.2.1

eZ Platform v3.0.*: ezsystems/ezplatform-admin-ui-assets v5.0.1

eZ Platform v3.1.2: ezsystems/ezplatform-admin-ui-assets v5.1.1

Drafts that are sent to trash become visible in the Review Queue, even for users that were not able to see them before this action. It's not possible to preview them, but their title and review history is displayed. This affects Enterprise Edition only, of which ezplatform-workflow is a part. This security update is distributed via Composer, for

eZ Platform EE v2.5.13: ezsystems/ezplatform-workflow v1.1.9

eZ Platform EE v3.1.2: ezsystems/ezplatform-workflow v2.1.1

This security update is distributed via Composer, see "Resolving versions" above.

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