TinyMCE field type

Provides an integration of TinyMCE with eZ Platform to be able to have html codes all the way


This package provides a way to enter html directly in eZ with the help of TinyMCE Editor.

The idea come from some request of our customers, asking us for this possibility.

While we try to explain that is not the best idea (security issues may come, also if you enter html badly look and feel may be corrupted...), we are here in a clear case of "custom want this". Period.

While this is already possible using a TextBlock Field ( nobody stops you from copy pasting html code there...), you still need some modifications in the template so html tags are not "escaped".

This is why I thought about creating a dedicate fieldtype for this. And while on it, as the editors may don't know about html at all, i thought we could add an editor to help with this matter.


There are some manual steps needed to make the whole thing work. As i'm not a webpack expert i'm more than open to suggestions here.

Anyway, here are the steps

  • Add tinymce as dependencie executing yarn add tinymce

  • Require this package with composer require crevillo/ezplatform-tinymce-html-fieldtype

  • Enable the bundle in your AppKernel.php adding new Crevillo\EzTinyMCEHtmlBundle\CrevilloEzTinyMCEHtmlBundle(),there. I normally do this just above the AppBundle

  • clear your caches with php ./bin/console cache:clear

  • re-compile your assets with php ./bin/console ezplatform:encore:compile


To use it, just create a new content type (or editi an existing one) and add an eztinymcehtmlblock.name field to it (sorry, translations come later, but normally you will see this last in the list of available fieldtypes)

Create a content of this type and play with TinyMCE!.



  • can the install process be improved?
  • translations

ideas for the future

  • Ability to configure buttons, menus etc.
  • Could we use CKEditor here or will it conflict with the alloy editor used in rich text? Could we combine them?

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